Integrated solutions for complex energy projects worldwide.

We know that infrastructure projects are challenging for stakeholders. An integrated vision, vast industry knowledge, and robust energy expertise are key to reaching your objectives sustainably. Our comprehensive approach will deliver results on time and within budget while minimizing performance risks.

With over
70 years
of combined experience in the public and private energy sectors, we created ESCO Honduras to provide
tailored solutions to global clients
in the energy sector.

Our integral vision spans financial, technical, legal and regulatory issues while upholding environmental and social criteria.

We are one of the few firms
to perform effective power and primary frequency response (PFR) audits in Honduras.

The energy sector is our
. We know every project is unique and are prepared to work with you with dedication, decisiveness, and responsibility to provide a full scope of energy solutions.

Our comprehensive Finance-Develop-Execute framework will ensure the success of your energy project, from start to finish.

Finance Practice

We help lenders and sponsors finance complex structures that mitigate risks and maximize value.

Development Practice

We assist global stakeholders optimize conceptual project economics and minimize performance risks.

Management Practice

We provide professional expertise to deliver complex projects on-time and within budget.

Our team’s expertise spans global projects.

We are committed to ensuring the success of our clients by delivering high-quality performance, managing risks, and maximizing profitability.

Energy solutions
on a global basis.

As we expand our reach worldwide, we simultaneously strive to enhance our capacity to serve our regional clients.

By doing so, we guarantee that all stakeholders receive the highest quality service regardless of their location.

Maximize benefits
and avoid losses in
your energy project.


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