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Our vision

Our firsthand knowledge of the complexities of energy infrastructure projects moved us to create ESCO Honduras. With our unique Finance-Develop-Execute framework and robust global experience, we seek to provide integrated solutions for energy stakeholders worldwide while upholding environmental and social criteria.

Our value

Our extensive experience in project acquisition, engineering management, and finance consolidate us as leaders in risk management and project achievement in the energy field. Additionally, we are trusted as one of the few firms certified to perform effective power and primary frequency response (PFR) audits in Honduras.

Our story

After 70+ combined years of experience in the private and public sectors, we decided to unite our knowledge and engineering experience to create ESCO Honduras.

In 2022, we expanded our international perspective, enabling us to better serve global clients in the rapidly-expanding energy industry.

If you need professional engineering guidance, technical support, or audit services for your energy-related goals, contact us.

Our experienced team can help you achieve your goals.

Meet our managing partners

José Morán

CEO, Co-Founder

+32 year experience in Energy Sector: Power, Renewables and Hydro, Transmission Projects, Energy Regulation.

Long Standing experience in Central America.

Alberto Dumas

CFO, Co-Founder

15 year experience in Energy and Finance Sectors

Sector Specialty: Equity Raising & Project Finance, M&A Advisory, Project Development.

Rolando Lean Boo

Chief Engineer & Chief Project Manager, Co-Founder

+20 year experience in Energy and Power Sectors in Central America, Europe and Africa.

Sector Specialty: Engineering and Project Management.

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